Financial Stability for Restaurant Workers

You don't have to walk the beaten path to find the life of your dreams

There is no shortage of resources to improve your financial health.  Few of them look through the lens of the service industry. I’ve been there.  I’ve been shoulder-to-shoulder with so many peers that work incredibly hard and feel like they have little to show for it. How can you budget when you might make $200 one night and $50 the next?  How do you live in abundance when you’re just worried about making rent? How do you make choices in support of your long term goals when you’re just trying to survive in the moment?

There is no one size fits all approach to financial health when working in hospitality

  • Income is inconsistent from week to week
  • Cash in hand has a way of burning through your wallet
  • Traditional budgeting methods don’t account for your specific needs
  • Balancing instant gratification vs. long term health after a hard shift is easier said than done

Tipped workers are more than twice as likely (and servers almost three times as likely) to fall below the federal poverty line.

Don’t be another statistic.  Learn how to make your job work for you.