You Can Find Stability And Freedom

Learn to Budget on an Inconsistent Income

No matter how your pay is structured, a plan can be created to make it work for you.  I teach a zero based budgeting method that offers more flexibility for how your life works.

No More Living Paycheck-to-Paycheck

Picking up a double on Saturday to make rent on Monday is an exhausting way to live.  Learn how to build a cushion so you can make your schedule work for you instead of the other way around.

Create a Road Map to Your Future

We will craft a customized vision for you that is both  exciting and attainable, whether that means staying in the industry or moving on to the next stage in your journey.

Align Your Spending with Your Goals

What you spend your money on is an expression of your values.  Make sure that what you say is important to you is in line with what your budget says.  

How Coaching Works

Coaching, at its heart, is all about you.  We will spend the first few sessions evaluating your lifestyle and creating a budget that meets your specific wants and needs.  As you grow comfortable with using your budget the focus will shift to getting clear on your financial health and discussing best practices.   We will review your current expenditures and discuss ways to reduce them. Think of these sessions as your “mise en place.”  From there we look forward, establish your goals and craft a plan to meet them.  At times there will be side work to complete, but I promise I’ll never ask you to roll silverware. 


Prices vary depending on the length and depth of the program.  My standard program for new clients is a “Financial Foundations” course.  This is a 3-4 month program with approximately 10+ hours of 1 on 1 coaching. The cost for this program is $750.  Payment plans are available.

Custom programs and individual hourly sessions are available.

As the World Around Us Changes, Your Needs Will Too

The industry is facing unprecedented changes post COVID, and it’s impossible to know for certain where things go from here.  I am committed to helping my clients navigate these uncertain times, whether they stay in the business or search for other opportunities.

As a member of the Financial Coaches Network, I have access to a proprietary Knowledgebase of advanced personal finance topics designed to help financial coaches better serve their clients.

The Knowledgebase was developed by Joshua Escalante Troesh, CFP; a Tenured Professor of Business and Personal Finance who has written personal finance curriculum adopted by multiple community colleges and approved by the Cal State University system’s Chancellors Office for meeting General Education requirements for all Cal State Universities.