Your Path to Financial Security Begins With A Single Step

Schedule A Complimentary Call

This call is all about you! We will discuss where you are now and what you hope to achieve.  We’ll discuss what working together would look like, and address any questions you may have.  At that point, we can determine together if a working relationship makes sense, or if more time is needed to make a decision.  At no time will you be pressured to buy.  

It's a fair question.  And the answer is entirely up to you.  Full disclosure, I did not have a coach for most of my journey to financial wellness.  It can be done on your own. That said, I invest in my own coaching now and will continue to do so because I find it so valuable to be in community with others who are invested in my success. 

I struggled with this question a lot at the beginning of my journey.  The truth is, it's hard at the beginning.  Taking control of your financial health requires discipline, sacrifice and patience.  A big part of the process is learning what you have to say "no" to now so you can say "yes" to the things you really want.  What I've found is this; People are more likely to commit to making necessary change if they have also committed some of their resources.

You Are Worth Investing In.

What happens after you schedule?

Once you schedule the call, you’ll receive a confirmation email from me that confirms the time and includes a brief questionnaire.  You’ll also receive a reminder the day before.  You may not be ready to commit after our call, and that’s ok!  Committing to coaching is a big decision and deserves to be weighted as such.  If we determine you need more time before committing, I will (with your permission) check in on a weekly basis to see how you’re doing and if I can be of any benefit to you. 

I also use the FCN financial coaching process, which provides a proven framework for helping clients achieve their goals and which I have then customized to meet the unique needs of my exact clients.