Industry Vet Who Vanquished His Debt

Jason Sandmann

  • 15+ year industry career 
  • $30k debt reduction in 2 years 

Proud partner/supporter of Giving Kitchen

My Story

When it comes to working in restaurants, I’ve seen every cliché in the book, and lived most of them.  I searched high and low for the magical job where I would make enough to support the modest life I desired and came up wanting.  I’ve numbed my post shift pains with drink after drink and wondered why I couldn’t get ahead.  Eventually, I came to a turning point.  My credit cards were maxed out and every day was a decision between food or a beer at the bar.  I had convinced myself that I had to settle for less, but what I was really doing was living without hope.  Once I made the decision to take control of my finances, my entire world shifted.  I found confidence, clarity and purpose.  My relationships improved, as did my decisions around drugs and alcohol.  My mission is to share that experience with others and change the industry from the inside out.   

I am also a member of the Financial Coaches Network to support me in continually becoming a better financial coach through continuing education, implementing coaching best practices, and other resources.